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  • General Information Of The Municipal Polyclinical Hospital In Olsztyn(aktywna)

The Nicolaus Copernicus Municipal Polyclinical Hospital in Olsztyn has been treating patients for more than 140 years. Currently, the facility is regarded as one of the symbols of the development of Olsztyn. The hospital, built in 1870, provides health services for the entire Warmia and Mazury region. Extension and modernization of the hospital means, first of all, building a team of high-class specialists, applying the latest medical knowledge. Radically improved technical conditions allow the hospital to admit about 18,000 patients a year in 15 departments. The hospital's out-patient clinics are also very active and served 45,000 patients in the previous year.

Specialised medical services are provided in our facility: clinical departments of thoracic surgery and dermatology, oral surgery, urology and rheumatology are the only departments of this type in the region. Investment in high-class medical equipment allows medical specialists to perform numerous specialist procedures.

The level of the Municipal Polyclinical Hospital in Olsztyn, the quality of provided medical services and the professionalism of the teams is evidenced by the certificates obtained: Quality Management System 9001 : 2008, Occupational Health and Safety Management System PN-N 18001 : 2004, Environmental Management System ISO 14001 : 2004, Food Safety Management System ISO 22000 : 2005, Information Security Management System ISO 27001:2005 and the Accreditation of the Quality Monitoring Centre granted by the Minister of Health.

Departments of the Municipal Polyclinical Hospital

  • Internal Diseases I – 25 beds
  • Cardiology and Internal Medicine – with the subdepartment of a cardiac intensive care and quick diagnostics – 39 beds
  • General Surgery – 28 beds
  • Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery – 22 beds
  • Oral surgery – 9 beds
  • Clinical Thoracic Surgery – 18 beds
  • Urology – 24 beds
  • Ophthalmology – 20 beds
  • Laryngology – same day surgery – 6 day places
  • Gynaecology and Obstetrics – 54 beds
  • Neonatal and premature infants - 38 beds
  • Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care – 6 beds
  • Dermatology, Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Clinical Immunology Clinic – 14 beds
  • Rheumatology - 15 beds
  • Obesity Treatment Department (commercial) – 14 beds

TOTAL: 326 beds

Obesity Treatment Department

The Municipal Polyclinical Hospital in Olsztyn offers 13-day slimming treatments, carried out in the Obesity Treatment Department. We provide professional medical treatment, a rich programme of physical activity, full dietetic board and, above all, a friendly and motivating atmosphere amid the beautiful natural values of Olsztyn.

The programme of the treatment includes:

  • 12 nights in single or double rooms,
  • dietetic board - 5 meals a day (1,000 kcal),
  • medical care of a diabetologist and an endocrinologist (preliminary examination, control check-up and final examination),
  • individual and group meetings with a psychologist,
  • 24h nursing care,
  • lectures and individual advice of a dietician,
  • massage packages - water massage (6 times), dry massage (6 times),
  • dancing and physical activities with a dance instructor,
  • unlimited use of the gym and the sauna,
  • exercises on toning beds,
  • programme of exercises in the gym and outside with an instructor,
  • broad education concerning healthy life-style,
  • unlimited access to mineral water,
  • possibility to enjoy the rich artistic and cultural life of Olsztyn*.

For patients struggling with the problem of obesity, we also propose innovative stomach resection procedures (sleeve resection), which involves removing 1/2 - 2/3 of the gastric walls. This causes the formation of a narrow "sleeve" from the "bag" of the stomach. The mechanism of the sleeve resection of the stomach reduces the stomach size by about 80%- 90% (which means that after the treatment, each meal for the patient is only 1/10 of the previous meal volume), food passes through the stomach faster and the secretion of ghrelin, the so-called "hunger hormone", responsible for the long-term feeling of hunger which is produced by cells located on the stomach bottom (the part that is removed during sleeve resection) is significantly reduced.

The procedure is performed using laparoscopy, which significantly reduces perioperative trauma, improves patient comfort after the surgery and accelerates a return to full physical activity. Sleeve resection of the stomach allows the loss of around 60% of the excess body weight in the first two years. The total risk of complications after this surgery is about 1-2%, and the procedure itself is irreversible (i.e. we cannot reconstruct the anatomy of the alimentary tract to the state from before the surgery).

Analytical Laboratory of the Municipal Polyclinical Hospital in Olsztyn

Analytical Laboratory of the Municipal Polyclinical Hospital in Olsztyn is open 24 hours a day. Tests are performed seven days a week. The offer includes a broad panel of diagnostic tests in the field of clinical biochemistry, immunology, serology, virological and hematology,, general analytics and blood group serology. Thanks to the cooperation with subcontractors in the country and abroad we offer services based on the latest technologies. Most tests are to receive the day of collection of the material. Tests are performed by experienced and qualified personnel, using modern diagnostic equipment. The laboratory regularly participates in international and national research quality checks and is certified ISO 9001: 2008.

The laboratory offers basic and specialized tests in the following areas:

  • clinical biochemistry
  • hematology
  • general analyst
  • immunochemistry
  • hormones
  • cancer markers
  • virology
  • blood group serology
  • coagulology

We invite you to inquire about specific medical procedures and services provided in our facility. We will do our best to ensure the competitive character of our offer, while maintaining the highest world-class standards of medicine. We are open to establishing cooperation with insurance companies and medical tourism agencies.

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